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One of the most renowned corporate bankruptcy lawyers in America, Harvey R. Miller, who over the past few decades guided some of the biggest companies in the country and the world through Chapter 11, died in New York City this week at the age of 82. It’s probably not every day that the New York Times summarizes the entire career of a bankruptcy lawyer, so I think it’s worth highlighting some of his accomplishments here, too, since he is truly a titan of the industry.

“Through detailed knowledge of the law, a loquacious if sometimes unyielding negotiating style and an imposing presence, Mr. Miller became one of the most famous members of the corporate bankruptcy bar.”

I mentioned above that during his career he guided some of the biggest companies in the world through bankruptcy, and that was not an overstatement. These were very high profile filings, most of which were front page news in the years and decades in which they took place – Continental Airlines, Texaco, R.H. Macy, Drexel Burnham Lambert, General Motors, and American Airlines. But the biggest Chapter 11 case of his career, and actually to this date the biggest in history, was the 2008 filing of Lehman. The company had assets totalling $639 billion, and needless to say the case was incredibly complex.

The article linked to above goes into further detail about his life and career. It also includes warm comments from family, friends, and colleagues that give a bit of personal insight into this renowned legal figure. It’s definitely worth the read.

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Emile Harmon is an attorney who lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. He grew up helping out in his parents law firm: Harmon & Robertson, P.C. in which he learned about legal matter and building strong personal and business relationships with clients. After attending law school, Emile Harmon founded the Harmon Law offices- opening locations in Tempe and Phoenix. The attorneys at the Harmon Law Offices specialize in DUI, family, domestic, social, security and bankruptcy law.
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